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A wedding is the most high-risk and high-reward party anyone can throw, and so it makes sense that some of the best party ideas come from the celebration of marriage. Stylish Weddings by Jenny Doh is a prime example of how many inexpensive ways wedding essentials can be customized for anyone’s special day.
The fun of Stylish Weddings is the variety it showcases. The book features six themes from six different bloggers. Those themes range from “farm chicks” to “Vintage glam” and that sampling of different styles and voices really makes the book shine.
That variety is also what makes the book useful for any kind of party. The “paper lantern bundle” and the “crystal dinner menu” are cheap and classy projects that can be customized for any gathering. Stylish Weddings‘ usefulness comes from not only helping a bride out on her big day, but also in giving her ideas in the celebrations to come!

The six designers, and their wedding themes, are:
Serena Thompson: Farm Chicks Country
Corey Amaro: French-Inspired
Heather Bullard, Romantic & Pretty
Tiffany Kirchnir-Dixon, Vintage Glam
Minna Mercke Schmidt, Organic Style
Tracy Schultz, Rustic Elegance


I’m pretty intimidated by pottery wheels, but I did start making pinch pottery in grade school (still have the yellow ash tray!), but I hadn’t thought of it for years. In Pinch Pottery they take the same basic concept and create all kinds of items, many of which don’t even need to be baked in a kiln, since they are made with air dry clay. All the pieces begin with a simple pinch pot, then extras can be added like lips, edges, handles and lids. It’s kind of amazing to me to watch a lump of clay transform into a beautiful and usable object.

I’m sure I couldn’t make the teapot on the front cover without years of practice, but I feel like I could certainly handle many of the more basic ideas. My daughter, who is very proficient with polymer clay, is wanting to delve more into this new medium and I think Pinch Pottery is a really good place for her to start.