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Celebrating its hundredth anniversary as a company, Disney will soon release its latest animated triumph, “Wish,” the story of a young lady who helps her family, stop an evil ruler, and help the people of her kingdom (re)gain the power to make their dreams come true. There is a cute little star, who doesn’t really talk, and lots of cute animals — who do! And sing! It’s a very sweet and fun adventure, from the company that first taught us all that “when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!”

To help celebrate Disney’s “Wish,” there are several beautifully illustrated picture books and novelizations that tell this exciting story. Most focus on telling the story first shown in the film. The watercolor background illustrations in each book are lovely and transporting in a way similar to the magic of the film. Each has a different format and reading levels, but each helps capture the magic of “Wish!” Some, like “Welcome to Rosas!” focus on introducing the characters and locations, in fun and engaging ways. The illustrations — those original and others taken from the film — are very well done. The books are printed and bound well, and all are made with quality paper. The creators’ love for the film, its uplifting themes, and the magic of Disney are felt on every page.

Each of these books is a treasure for children — of any age — who loved the film, and could use some reassurance that they, too, can make their dreams come true!