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This is a heartwarming story that shows how children can help their grandparents and parents, and sometimes, take on the family business. Here, like many open markets in many communities, there is only one “last stand” in the farmer’s market. A young grandson loves to help at his family business each Saturday, but when his grandpa is too tired to continue, he figures out a way to continue the family business while supporting his community, as they support him and his family in return. It’s a heartwarming picture of agrarian life that seems to be slipping away in many parts of the country. I love the beautiful illustrations and how the book helps children see how they can help the family and others.

This is a wonderful illustrated biography of a wonderful librarian, telling how she became a famous storyteller and advocated for books sharing the experiences and perspectives of Black Americans. The narrative is compelling and moving, showing her vision and courage, as she identified the problem and set out to fix it. I love the messages her story tells children of all ages. The collage style illustrations are compelling, moving, and ultimately, beautiful, mirroring the story and messages of this wonderful book. This is a must-purchase for every library, across the nation.

This is a truly moving book about the exciting growth we all feel and see, especially during childhood. A young boy visits the park with his grandpa, who asks him “What’s new?” Little Daniel runs around the park, talking to the different things and creatures he meets, asking them the same question. They explain — a nest they’re making, the legs they’re growing, and so forth — then asking Daniel, in turn, what’s new with him. In each exchange, it shows the magical everyday miracles of birth and growth all around us — and within us, too. Daniel returns and reports to his grandpa all that’s new, in the world and in himself. The storyline is quite a powerful vision of our lives and growth we can see and feel in us and around us. Further, the illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful. This book is not just a must-by, it’s a treasure.

This fun rhyming book tells a simple story about a little girl who observes a drum circle growing on a tropical beach, with each person bringing another exotic percussion instrument, creating a rhythm that, while the girl doesn’t have an instrument of her own, she does have her feet — and can dance along, instead! The rhymes are fun, the illustrations are colorful, and they portray the seaside gathering well. Showing and naming each instrument is an engaging educational aspect to this musical book.

This appealing book, with concise free verse, celebrates the inner-city life of children, with painted illustrations that portray that life as a kind of dance — and is filled with dancing. The exuberance of the book, and its staccato non-rhyming text, is striking. My children love to look at the beautiful children dancing, and so do I!

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s biography of the pioneering and celebrated author Toni Morrison. The story includes narration and speech bubbles, telling about an event from her childhood, that is engaging, meaningful, and eye-opening, too. With text and illustrations worthy of Morrison herself, this is a no-brainer purchase for any library — public, school, or home. Morrison once said, “If you find a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” I am so happy that Anatol did just that!