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A wide range of children’s books are available for the “Trolls Band Together” movie. Some use a vintage, flattened illustrative style while others use the same 3-D computerized animation style we’ve all come to know and love, since the original Trolls movie in 2016.

The Trolls Band Together story gets the “Little Golden Book” treatment in this book, with a simplified version of the film’s storyline, using a vintage, flattened illustration style that’s easily recognizable by even very young children, clear, colorful, and fun. The text summarizes the story simply, although it is a little wordy as it tries to capture all the twists and turns of the film’s plot.

The Step Into Reading series offers five different levels of books — from preschool to grade school — which feature different elements of the films with the movie’s story as a backdrop. For instance, the Step 3 book offers children in grades 1-3 a fun book that features the different character descriptions in the story, explaining how families can come together to create their magical “family harmony.” It’s something every family needs to keep in mind! Thus, the book alludes to the basic plot, without retelling the story.

This colorful book flips upside down to tell two stories, each featuring either the female or male characters — Poppy and Branch’s long-lost siblings. Each story introduces those characters, in part, by summarizing the major quandaries of the movie. Each story stops at the middle page of the book. The full-page illustrations are fun, and including both stories is a fun way to enjoy the story. Two books in one!

These are text-based chapter books that retell the film’s story in detail, along with an insert of color screen captures. They are engaging and well-written and would be a great gift for kids who enjoy the movie and Trolls, generally. The key difference between the two versions is one is soft bound and the other comes with a hardback binding.

This wonderfully delightful — and high quality — activity book is based on the Band Together movie. There are mazes, posters, and more. The paper and printing are top-notch, with full-page, full-color illustrations and activities throughout. Happily, there are also pages for young children to place the stickers on, so there’s a low chance of stickers winding up somewhere less welcome — which is a thoughtful inclusion, alongside its clever activities and fun on each page.

All in all, the Trolls Band Together books are surprisingly high quality, and well made, with excellent illustrations and design throughout. Your family is bound to love them as much as mine does!