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I think that this heartwarming book helps offer context to children for why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what the popular holiday means. First, the book helpfully explains the concept of gratitude — something we should all keep in mind! Then, it segues into telling the story of how Sarah Josepha Hale helped Thanksgiving become a standard American holiday, by reaching out to many leaders to set a single date for the holiday across the country.

But it wasn’t until she wrote to Abraham Lincoln, during the depths of the Civil War, that the holiday was given a single holiday to unite, as a nation, in remembering all we can be thankful for. The book continues, providing modern context as well, reminding us all that we can give thanks every day. The book’s warm palette and lovely illustrations, beautifully printed on thick, glossy paper bound in a high-quality hardback binding and dust jacket help ensure that this book will be a treasured keepsake that children (of all ages) can enjoy for many years to come.