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This is a awesome cookbook for young people based on the Hocus Pocus movies. Dedicated to those who grew up in the 1990s, it’d be a wonderful gift for parents who grew up then, their children, or any fans of the films. Most of the recipes are new family favorites in our house, such as the “Enchanting Cheese Gougere,” which is something like a savory Dutch baby, or a cheesy popover or Yorkshire pudding. It’s so good! Plus, it’s so fun for the kids to help make! The chapters include a helpful introduction and conversions, breakfast dishes, mains, sides, desserts and treats, and kid-friendly drinks.

There are a few Halloween-themed dishes, too, like the “Dead Man’s Toes,” which are pigs in a blanket, but creepy. Others are just delicious takes on newer recipes, like the”Head of a Lover” which is a garlic-flavored roasted whole cauliflower, which I can’t wait to make again! There are fun treats, too, like the Puritan hat cookies, which I think we’ll make together for Thanksgiving, and Life Potion, which combines ginger ale, lime sorbet, pineapple juice, and Kool-Aid lemon-lime drink mix. Fun! The book itself is beautiful, with a parchment pattern on every page, full-page photos of each dish, nice introductions with call-backs and quotes from the movie, and clear directions that make it easy for new cooks.