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This set of Jan Brett’s wonderful books are all winter-themed, so they’re a great gift before, during, and after the holidays. The boxed set features “The Snowy Nap,” “The Hat,” “Cozy,” and “The Three Snow Bears.” Each book is a classic and filled with Brett’s sweet and distinctive illustrations and heartwarming tales. They’re all perfect for the chilly season.

Each book tells a distinct story. In “The Snowy Nap,” Hedgie tries not to fall asleep to see the wonders of winter, amusing young readers as he gets covered in snow. “The Hat” is about animals finding a use for a lost woolen hat, leading to surprises. “Cozy” tells a story about a generous musk ox who makes room for his friends, reminding readers of the importance of kindness. “The Three Snow Bears” gives us a fresh version of a classic story set in the Arctic, complete with polar bears and an Inuit girl.

The boxed set is made to last, with high-quality paper and top-notch binding that’s ready for bedtime stories for years to come. Ideal for childrens’ libraries, this set invites young ones to discover the joy of reading with each turn of the page. The set would make a wonderful gift. Together, these are more than just books. They’re a page-turning portal to a magical, wintery world.


On November 24, Jan Brettthe acclaimed, #1 New York Times bestselling author-illustrator, beloved for her picture book classics like Gingerbread Baby and The Mitten, will head out on the road for her first national bus tour in four years.

 Jan Brett is one of the few working authors today that gets to travel the country visiting bookstores, libraries, and schools in a show-stopping bus branded with her familiar book characters.

 This fall, traveling to 23 cities in just 17 days, Jan Brett’s “Winter Wonderland Bus Tour” will highlight her beloved wintry backlist books just in time for the holiday season. The tour will also feature JAN BRETT’S WINTER COLLECTION BOX SET (on sale 10/10/23; ISBN: 9780593695883) which includes four bestselling titles: The Snowy Nap, The Hat, Cozy, and The Three Snow Bears.

 Author of over 40 picture books with over 44 million in print, Jan Brett is renowned for her exquisite art which is universally recognized as being among the finest in children’s books today. Her detailed and iconic illustrations are often inspired by her many globe-trotting adventures, whether it be to Alaska Norway, Botswana, Japan, or India.

 Jan Brett’s work has been chosen as “Best Children’s Books of the Year” by The New Yorker, Parents, Redbook, and others, and she has been featured in publications like Romper, The Boston Globe, Travel + Leisure, The Los Angeles Times and more.

 You can see the 23 markets she will be visiting on her bus tour here and below.