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Velocifire VM30 Keyboard Review

As an Internet professional and heavy gamer of some years, I consider myself kind of a connoisseur of keyboards. I used to regularly visit the local thrift store, searching for heavy-duty keyboards made decades ago that were designed to last forever. Always very heavy, the finest keyboards had a bit of tangible, kinesthetic feedback as each key was audibly clicked. They were a joy to use, no matter how quickly I typed (which is actually quite fast).

Eventually, though, people stopped dropping off those high-quality keyboards, and PCs became USB-based, and I resigned myself to mushy, indistinct keying, skipped key presses when I was typing quickly or gaming, and the letters rubbing off within a few weeks of use.

So I was thrilled when I saw Velocifire VM30 Keyboard, and even more so once I got to actually try it out.

The keyboard is really heavy, with a quality metal covering, ready for heavy-duty use. I can feel when each key is clicked, and hear it as well, which is wonderful for quick typing and intense gaming.

The keyboard is actually NKRO capable, which means that no matter how many keys are pressed at once, they will each register (and can be downgraded to “only” 6 keys at a time, lol) which, in the past, wasn’t possible with a USB-connected keyboard.

It is truly full-sized, with a fantastic keyboard layout that I love. Each key is connected individually with a heavy-duty mechanism that is wonderful — I can pop off the keys if you want (I’m looking at you, Caps Lock), and just press them back on if I ever need it.

Yet, aside from all that, what is truly amazing is that each key’s markings aren’t painted on — they’re literally cut out, with a misty white insert which allows individual LED lights to shine through. No more rubbed off letters on my keyboard!

Each keyboard row has its own color, which subtly helps me guide my fingers back to the home row, through my peripheral vision, without taking my eyes off the screen of feeling for the rise on the F and J keys.

Further, with that functionality comes a super cool special effect of different lighting patterns you can turn on and switch through to whatever I like (see video). The lighting patterns can be dimmed or brightened, as much or as little as I like, or even turned off entirely I want.

To be clear, aside from the flash, this is a workhorse of a keyboard that I am thrilled to use day in and day out. In short, this may be the finest keyboard I’ve ever owned which, let me tell you, is really saying something. I am very impressed.

See this keyboard (before they’re sold out) on Amazon here: