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I loved the authors’ previous felt crafting book for the holidays, so I was excited to see their new ideas in ’Tis the Season to Be Felt-y. I have a stash of felt that my kids and I use for all kinds of creations, it’s so easy to use and fun to work with. There’s so much cuteness and great ideas, I had a hard place knowing where I wanted to start. I have all my favorite projects marked with post-its and there’s a lot of them!

One idea that I’ve already started on is the orange pomanders in felt, so adorable. We make those clove oranges every year for the holidays and place them in a wooden bowl. This is a fun felt version of the very same! I also adore the snow-covered gingerbread village ornaments with simple, white stitched details and the sweet treat ornaments (with a cute purple gumdrop!) remind me of my mother’s white Christmas tree decorated with glittery, pastel sugarplums.

I want to work up to the gorgeous scrappy wreath wall hanging, but first I need to finish the argyle fox for my daughter. I really like how they suggest using fabric glue if you prefer not to stitch, or even just using a simpler stitch that you are more comfortable with. Several different designers contributed ideas and I’m really enjoying all of the projects!