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I love how my kids find such a sense of pride in accomplishing things IRL with LEGO. And how my husband’s hobby has become a way for he and my children to bond over their shared love and creations. Yet, in my family of eager LEGO creators at least, there are two big downsides to avidly pursuing LEGO sculptures. The first is the expense. And the second is the size. My DH may be proud of his LEGO Death Star but it’s hardly the kind of thing he can fit on his desk at the office, you know?

And the shelves in my kids’ rooms are, well, “filled,” shall we say? So, it is with inexpressible gratitude that we discovered this incredibly well-made and designed book. It focuses on tiny castle sculptures, primarily using single-peg LEGO’s. You can buy these, on the LEGO website or the Brick Link website. Because of the tiny sizes, you can get all the parts for some of these for only a dollar or two. And you can display them anywhere.

The book itself is a masterpiece. Filled with beautiful photography and top-notch printing and binding, it is as much a coffee table book as it is a handbook. The step-by-step guides are almost entirely photographic so even my very young kids can follow along. It’s really kind of a masterpiece of LEGO books. I recommend it heartily for LEGO-loving families — and their less-LEGO-loving relations, too!