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Working in the design field for many years now, I’ve noticed that folksy fonts and typefaces, often with purposely imperfect, hand-drawn illustrations, are the dominating design trend today. They are everywhere, and for good reason, too — they’re fun, authentic, visually interesting, and endlessly engaging. This is sewing version of all that hand-made wonder.

The book is straightforward, teaching (and encouraging) purposely imperfect embroidery, perfect for amateurs, casual crafters, or anyone looking for something “real” to do with their hands (and eyes). It teaches a wide variety of approaches, stitches, and 15 basic concepts for various projects — all really fun and on-trend. The book is well-designed and beautiful, with a clear and engaging layout, typography, alongside many photos and illustrations, too. So, it’s all very clear, with direct and clear text even when describing complex or hard-to-describe approaches.

Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method: Customize Fitting Shells to Create Garments in Any Style offers a beginner-to-expert level, in-depth tutoring on how to create your own patterns for clothing for yourself and others.

The flat pattern method allows for quick and easy design and alterations that I didn’t realize could be done by someone like me. Beautiful designs in a beautiful book which is straightforward and easy to follow. I think anyone wanting to design their own clothing — especially those involved in costume design, in particular — would find this a must-have book.

The Granny Square Book is an updated and enlarged version of this classic crocheting work. It explains, easily and yet in-depth, how to approach crocheting via individual squares, which can then be combined to make blankets, scarves, and more. My favorites are the flower garden square and the pendant coasters. There are 100 different designs to choose from, and is great fun overall.