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I remember when I was young, my mother worked hard on a remembrance scrap book of my childhood. I’m glad I have it, but in the end, it’s mostly report cards and class photos. Nice, but nothing really about me or what I was thinking at the time. I was wondering how to re-create that experience for my daughter… And that’s why I was so happy to get this wonderful book. Each page asks a thought-provoking question for your child, to ask each day of the year, with a place to note the year, and a few lines to answer. We go through it each night before bed, she answers, and I write it down for her.

It’s become a wonderful nighttime ritual that we both look forward to. What’s more is there are two more areas to answer the same question in coming years. It’s a really eye-opening way to learn more about her, to build our relationship, and for her to cherish and learn more about herself in years to come. The book is well-made, with a sturdy binding and paper that is easy to write on with whatever you have at hand. It would work for young-ish kids of any age, too. Really a delightful concept, well done, and a welcome keepsake for your loved ones.