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Years ago, during a move, I lost my extensive collection of calligraphy and lettering books. Many were simply irreplaceable. It’s something that’s always bothered me, even while my career took me along a digital approach to art, graphic design and lettering. Lately, though, I’ve wanted to revisit my roots, but didn’t know where to begin without my lost library. But now I’m so happy to get this book, as it seems like it replaces much of what I lost, which is incredible and so welcome, yet it updates lettering with new thinking on vivid watercolor based lettering.

There’s so many excellent examples and full color photos and illustrations to really walk you through each step. I appreciated all the extras, like how to create beautiful flourishes, something I’ve always wanted to learn more about.
Practice sheets and projects are also included and offer lots of great ideas as to how to use calligraphy in life for fun and profit.