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Colorful Blessings is one of a series of all-ages coloring books, featuring cute, all-original designs to color. This one focuses on Biblical inspiration. Each page, on the right, features a full page design, with a Bible quote included in a hand-drawn font. The opposite page includes a small token design taken from the page. So, for example, a page which reads “My God will supply every need,” includes a teapot and cups in a curving frame, with the opposite page having the teapot’s floral design in the center of the page.

Another favorite is a page which reads, “The sweetness of friendship is good for the soul,” and one of the two girls’ treats is on the opposite page. The designs are ALL super cute, like an angel with quilted wings, or a row of cottages with little birds living and shopping and dining within. Coloring the designs helps to relax and think about the scripture at the same time. I’ve cut some pages out for my kids to color, like the one which reads, “As I have loved you, love one another,” which we now have posted on our fridge for everyone to consider.


It’s a Girl Thing is another in a series of all-ages coloring books for women (aka, “grown-up girls”). The illustrations are all original and done in a cutesy style reminiscent of handouts I remember getting in girls groups many years ago. And the subjects are especially girly, too. Like the page of feminine underthings on a series of clotheslines.

The page on the left includes a portion of the design on the right, so a circular arrangement of little patterned hearts on the right includes a few in the center of the opposite page. Some pages include inspirational quotes, like just the words”you are amazing,” within a decorative frame, or “find balance,” with a girl riding a bike with a cat in a basket on the back, and flowers in the basket on the handlebars. It’s all super fun to color and super cute, too.


Color My Heart Happy is one of a series of all-ages coloring books for women, with this one focusing on encouraging thoughts and quotes (“Live Your Daydream” or “It’s a good day to have a good day”). The opposite pages of these conveniently spiral-bound books include a few token designs taken from the page on the right. For example, a page of decorated and framed version of the word, “LOVE,” includes a couple hearts from the design on the left page, too.

The drawings appear to be all original, hand-drawn, and drawn with a consistent line width, all of which is really nice. The book is cute overall, with simple designs to color — nothing too intricate — and each page has a dotted line to encourage cutting the pages out for display (and encouragement) later.


Life is Delicious offers a cute, all-original coloring book for women of all ages, focusing on food and the fun that food offers in our day-to-day lives. Many have encouraging quotes to color in, too. The drawings are all super cute, and the backs of the coloring pages include an excerpt of each drawing on their backs. So for example, a drawing of two cats baking together in a cute kitchen, reads “Friends are the sprinkles in life,” and on the corner of the opposite page is a pot of herbs growing from kitchen’s window.

The drawings are really cute, and remind me of Mary Engelbreit’s style a little bit. Many could be colored in and displayed in my kitchen, like a drawing of spices in a cabinet, which reads “Season the Day,” and each bottle is labeled with “Love,” “Kindness,” “Patience,” and so forth. It’s a charming and cheery coloring book I think anyone who enjoys cooking would enjoy.