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I’ve been somewhat of a rubber stamp collector for years and really enjoy the craft. I hadn’t really ever considered that I could make stamps myself but that opens up a whole new world for me in terms of subject matter that I can use. I like to use stamps on envelopes but also even on clothing and things like that.

In Stamp It!, they offer ways to make your own stamps that are really simple and accessible, plus it shows lots of projects from crafters to demonstrate how to use these homemade stamps. I especially liked how the stamps are fresh and modern, which I found to be a fun variation from the “country” style stamps I was used to.

My favorite way to make my own stamps is with a pink eraser and a craft knife, although they do end up pretty small. Since I love macarons and all their lovely colors, I made the macarons stamped onto doilies, which turned out so adorable. My stamp was little so I did three macarons on the doily instead of one larger one. I found lots of fun techniques and ideas in Stamp It!.