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For years, I’ve wondered if I could just make my own bath and beauty supplies, like they did at that company years ago?? So this is why I was so delighted to find this fantastic book! Spa Apothecary Natural Beauty Recipes contains real-deal “recipes” — just like that famous company — with a wealth of info on making your own ultra-high-quality bath and beauty products, saving your wealth in the process.

The recipes are just lovely, easy to make, and have everything expensive products do — minus the bad chemicals (and worse price tags). The book itself is very nice with some full-page photos, with a great layout. The recipes are well-written, quite brief, and very clear. Couldn’t be easier! There are recipes for lotions, oils, balms, baths, scrubs, cleansers, masks, bombs, washes, creams, bars, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, soaks, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, soaks, steamers, and more.

I often look on with envy, on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, at the lovely decorations lucky (and wealthy) brides have at their beautiful weddings. And I’d wonder where do these wedding planners buy, you know, Moss-Covered Light-Up “Love” Metal-and-Reclaimed-Wood signs? I was happy to find that Make in a Day Wedding Crafts features 15 As-Seen-On-Instagram style designs for weddings, that are quite simple, low cost, and really pretty!

Each project is broken down into many steps, to keep things super clear, and every step has an accompanying, full-color photo to go with it. Well written, quality binding and paper, and super helpful tip. If you are a wedding planner, this book is a no-brainer purchase, and for your own wedding, you deserve to get this to help save time and money on the greatest day of your life.

Find and Color the Imposter is a fun all-ages coloring and activity book. Each page features several characters, one of which is slightly different from the others. The characters are quite cute, detailed, and drawn with a consistent line, offering some details but generally easy, fun, and relaxing to color. The paperback-bound book is printed on high quality bright-white paper, and is divided into two sections.

The first features recreated folktales, with the second being exotic animals in silly situations. The idea is to find the one which is different from the others, which often relies on smaller details. For example, one of the six Goldilocks, being confronted by the Bear family, is missing a bow in her hair, and one of the six Tapirs, floating along with several helium balloons, has a curly whisker. (There is an answer key at the back, too.) It’s a clever and fun activity book for children of all ages.