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When I was younger, I’d toyed with the idea of becoming sort of a street-level fashion designer. A friend of mine had started to make a living sewing hats for local boutiques, and encouraged me to try some designs out. Mostly, I wanted to modify T-shirts and other knits. But although my sewing skills are not bad, I ran into immediate troubles trying to work with t-shirts and other knit or woven fabrics. I wish I’d had this book then! It explains, for beginners to accomplished seamstresses, how to sew and work with knitted fabrics. There are lots of great photos, cool ideas, and clear instructions of basic things (that can be really difficult) like sewing button holes.

About the Author:
Linda Lee is the owner of the Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection, a group of patterns for distinctive garments using innovative sewing techniques. Linda writes for Threads, Sew News, and Stitch magazines and is the instructor for seven online classes for She travels the country teaching fine sewing techniques and the art of combining beautiful fabrics and distinctive design in garment and home decorating creations. Using her background as a licensed interior designer and a member of ASID since 1974, she has written fourteen books relating to garment sewing and interiors.