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I got this for my daughter, who is learning to sew, and I’m so glad I did. The well-designed book covers everything from mending to artistic embroidery. It offers a long intro to the basics, including supplies, and shows how to do 35 different stitches. It shows the actually correct/best way to do all the key things you end up doing over and over. There are ten projects included which walk you through all you need to know and more. Each step is documented with many color photos of each step that really show you how to do everything you need.


All of my friends have dogs they adore (including me) so I wanted to get this to take my love of all-things-embroidered to a new level by embroidering their specific dogs in fairly simple yet endearing ways. So this book was a perfect choice. It includes 380 different patterns, breeds, positions, and poses adaptable for, really, any different breed or specific dog, even. They’re darling! The book is very well designed, with lots of photos, clear instructions, and super helpful diagrams. You can really see how hard they worked to get this book just right. Well done!