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This wonderful, full-color activity book is what children can only wish their worksheets in school were like. They’re exceptionally well-designed, with great use of color, with professional and engaging illustrations throughout. The activities are truly fun and would excite all but the dullest of children (and more than a few adults, too). Don’t tell your kids how educational they are, though! This would make a great gift to any reading-age-and-up child and would be a great source for teachers and home-schoolers, too.

This engaging two-part set would be a great gift for yourself or for friends of all ages. The first part is an all-ages coloring book; each page features a simple-ish, black-and-white coloring design — usually, a mandala-type design — set on a nice colored pattern and includes genuinely profound quotes of eastern wisdom from Buddha and friends. The second part repeats many of the coloring designs, with a scratch-off coating which reveals colored patterns underneath. Either way, the set provides relaxing activities to clear one’s mind and to help focus in a busy and weary world.

One of our daughters looooves butterflies. We recently borrowed a book on the subject from the library on the subject and she was delighted to learn about the different kinds — but we had to return it before she could learn as much as she’d like. So we were delighted to get her this book, which she treasures.

Each page is printed in full color on cardstock and features a press-out, larger-than-life butterfly, with the top and bottom of each butterfly on either side of the page. Each IRL butterfly is named and described in an engaging paragraph. The book is high quality, designed and printed at a very high quality. Each butterfly can actually fly — paper airplane style! — although our daughter is mostly displaying them in her room and will happily describe each to anyone who asks. We’re all delighted!

Okay, would-be jewelers, coloring book designers, and Irish artisans of all kinds — this is the book all of us have been looking for! Like so many of us, I’ve adored the Celtic designs in illuminated manuscripts for decades. Yet, in my own design work, I haven’t ever been able to design my own. I mean, the designs themselves seem created to mystify, so the notion of creating unique variations for my own work seemed simply out of reach.

And yet, through some sort of Celtic magic of her own, Cari Buziak (who creates her own Celtic designs professionally) has cracked the code and explains it wonderfully clearly in this engaging and easy to follow book. There are sections on how best to design each style of knot work, along with extra sections on the sorts of dragons, serpents, and other creatures often intertwined in ancient designs. Laid out like this, they’re straightforward to follow and surprisingly simple, thanks to her expert instruction. As far as a how-to on this kind of design, it’s the new bible.

This is a delightful book and origami paper set with fun designs of boats, fish, and sea life. There are hundreds of color papers — some solids, and others with modern and traditional patterns. The diagrams are easy to follow and there are photos of the finished designs, too.

It is a translated re-print of an Italian book and I can see why they’d go to the work of bringing it to a wider audience. The video tutorials don’t seem to be available in English yet but I haven’t needed them. It’ll be a great gift for origami lovers of all ages and experience.

This is a small book — 5.5 x 4 inches — with 26 exquisitely illustrated stickers of the new, two royal couples. Each illustration/sticker of the couples seem to be from a real-life event, wearing their actual outfits, which is kind of fantastic. They are rendered in a semi-realistic, semi-Barbie style that is a delight in itself. And, of course, everyone loves stickers. This is a great gift for any fan of the Royal Family.