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Zombie Felties are perfect for Halloween and since they are small, you really only need a small amount of felt and thread to make them, plus some unused buttons, beads or sequins to embellish them.

Basic sewing and embroidery instructions are included and Zombie Felties actually use very simple techniques, so you can create them in a very short time. There are very complete step-by-step directions, which are accompanied by full color illustrations drawn in a clear and quirky style that are really easy to follow along with. There are sixteen zombie friends to make, but the designs offer many possibilities for combining different elements to make a whole lot more!

Familiar zombies like the Classic Zombie or Vampire Zombie are included, as well as the more unconventional, like the Zombie Surfer or Baby Zombie. There’s even the decidedly feminine Zombie Fairy or Zombie Bride. I thought the Day of the Dead feltie girl was really sweet (for a zombie!), with her floral eyes, beaded skeleton and holding her heart on a string.

If you need a place to house your Zombie Felties when they aren’t in use, the author even includes a coffin that can be copied and constructed from card stock for them to take their rest in. Zombie Felties is the perfect book to learn how to produce the most adorable zombies ever!

Want to make some scary cute cupcakes? Check out Zombie Cupcakes: From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses, written by Zilly Rosen, and published by Andrews McMeel. The author is a talented artist and cake decorator who owns Zillycakes in New York, where they make original, customized cakes.

I realy appreciated all the recipes and tips in Zombie Cupcakes. She teaches you how to color fondant, make royal icing, dark chocolate ganache, and Italian meringue buttercream. The cupcake recipes are something special also, like the Applesauce & Caramel, Honey or Almond and White Velvet flavors.

The ideas in Zombie Cupcakes are pretty spooky, with lots of body parts and gore with piping gel “blood”. Little mini brains are placed on top of honey cupcakes in Brain Food. A green zombie hand emerges from the cookie “dirt” in the Zombie Rising cupcake. There’s even “poison” cupcakes like the Toxic Bite (red velvet), Biohazard ingested (key lime) and the T-Virus (blue banana).

“Know your zombie” mini-tests and zombie tips are scattered throughout Zombie Cupcakes and add a little extra fun. If your friends and family like cute and creepy treats, then Zombie Cupcakes is the book for you!