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I recently read a quote from C.S. Lewis where he said, “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” I think there is lot of truths and insights in fairy tales and in Fairy Tale Knits, six familiar fairy tales are brought to life via knitted dolls that allow children the opportunity to act out these classic stories. My daughter has really enjoyed looking through the bright colorful stories with the cute knitted cast acting out the scenes.

There are full instructions for the characters, plus their removable clothes and accessories, which makes them extra fun to play with. There’s twenty pieces to knit in Fairy Tale Knits and no advanced skills are needed, as long as you know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, increase and decrease then you shouldn’t have any problems making them.

I’m familiar with the Japanese craft of crocheting cute animals, which is known as amigurumi, and in Long-Legged Friends the mother and daughter team take it in a new direction. They designed a darling poodle, bird, pig, rabbit and others and I loved how, in addition to the eight animals, there are mini versions of each, appropriately called “little ones”. There are hand drawn instructions and diagrams, and basic crochet techniques. If you find it easier to learn by watching, then I found youtube has a lot of helpful crochet tutorials that are easy to follow.

The creatures are all completely adorable and are the perfect size for a child to cuddle and carry around with them and their long arms are ideal for giving kids a big hug! There’s even extra patterns in the back of Long-Legged Friends for traveling clothes to dress up the furry friends, including a scarf, hat and bag and adorable shoes!