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Author Jenny Doh has developed her own personal style, but is continually intrigued by others who are working at their own look. Jenny has selected an inspiring group of creative women to showcase in her book, Signature Styles: 20 Stitchers Craft Their Look, published by Lark Crafts.

These ladies have found their own personal “signature style” and are each featured separately with information about their evolution as an innovative creative force. Signature Styles gives a fascinating look into their point of view, inspirations, routines, how they manage work and family, and much more. The book has a gorgeous graphic layout, filled with bright colors and detailed and interesting photos on every single page. There are all kinds of fun factoids spotlighted throughout, like seamstress Meg Allan Cole’s photo of her Oma’s vintage dresses or the Simmons’ personal prized wearables.

In addition to profiling each of the twenty artistic women (including giving their website and blog addresses), they have each also included a step-by-step tutorial of a craft of their choosing (complete patterns included). It is really a delight to read about them and their talents and then actually see a specific design created by them especially for the readers. A few of the beautiful creations are a darling “crafty” applique t-shirt, a pretty patchwork tote, and a cashmere sweater recycled into a lettuce-edge shrug. Signature Styles is filled with eye candy for crafters and artists, as well as exciting information about the women that made it happen!

Click here for a full tutorial from Signature Styles from Crafty Chica for a Jumbo Tote made from scarves:

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