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Quilts are so much more than just fabrics pieced together. They symbolize warmth and comfort, in addition to being an excellent art form, with lots of potential for variety. In Pretty Little Mini Quilts, written by Ray Hemachandra and published by Lark Books, there are ideas for all kinds of mini quilts, which are classified as being a maximum of three feet wide or tall. Many expert designers offer thirty one impressive designs for everything from traditional to modern styles. They range from the classic quilt block style, to applique and free form, with lots in between!

Even if you have never sewn a quilt, there are thorough explanations of all the tools, materials and techniques you will need to know. Pretty Little Mini Quilts has clear step by step instructions for each mini quilt, with high quality photos and lovely quilt inspired borders on the edges of the pages. Helpful tips in highlighted boxes are scattered throughout. Wonders abound, like the Spring Haiku mini quilt which has a hand written haiku surrounded by plants springing up from layers of green patterned earth. Mandalas, animals and geometric shapes are some of the delightful themes in this book.

Making mini quilts is very flexible; there are no rules! They can be made quickly and hung on the wall to proudly display your handiwork. Children could even make their own creations with clothing they have outgrown as a special keepsake. And, of course, each of the mini quilts in Pretty Little Mini Quilts can serve as a jumping off point to inspire you to create your own. The sky’s the limit with this lovely art that allows for broad artistic expression.