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My daughter and I have been studying and working with polymer clay for several years and we have a pretty good handle on the basics of the craft. I was glad to see Polymer Clay Master Class, so that we could get some additional ideas and learn some more techniques, too. There are tips for how to save and store clay, as well as many other helpful hints. I appreciated the instructions for blending and other advanced techniques not covered in my more basic books.

Polymer Clay Master Class is based on an interesting concept of collaboration of artist teams. In the book, each artist in the team is profiled and some of their pieces are shown to give an idea what they bring to the table. After that, each team member presents a new design with complete instructions. Then the two artists complete an artwork that bring their unique talents together and highlights their strengths. It was really fascinating for me to see their personal styles come out in the collaborative designs.

As you can imagine, there is a broad variety of suggestions in Polymer Clay Master Class, including ideas like lots of gorgeous jewelry, rock embellished dishware and wall hangings. My daughter referenced a little sculpture project and came up with her own idea of an “emo” girl who has three heads you can swap out to show how she feels that day. It turned out so cute! I would definitely recommend Polymer Clay Master Class as an excellent book of polymer clay concepts and creations.