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Even if you haven’t ever worked with paper as a craft medium before, you’ll probably feel pretty comfortable trying just about anything in Quick & Easy Paper Crafts because they all of the projects really are simple and fast! Quick & Easy Paper Crafts, by Lark Crafts is a large book with 320 pages, with over 100 ideas and big photos with step-by-step directions for each one. An added benefit to the suggestions in Quick & Easy Paper Crafts is that they would work also work well as a way to recycle paper.

Quick & Easy Paper Crafts is divided into different sections for types of crafts that can be made from paper. Each area starts out with a complete explanation of the materials and basic techniques, before they launch into the projects that use them. There is also a gallery that shows off some finished pieces at the end of each chapter for added inspiration.

In the Book and Journal Making area there is a lovely Romance Journal that incorporates handmade paper, paper flowers, beads, and gorgeous ribbon, which they say “are a winning combination every time”. Magnets, bowls, flowers and vases are some of the ideas to craft from the Paper Mache and Clay section. There are a lot of stunning projects in the Paper Cutting, Punching & Piercing section, like the Luminous Vellum Flower Garland, where they used flowers made out of vellum to enliven a basic string of lights. And I just loved the paper pieced quilt wall hanging, created from small squares of different decorative papers.

Other types of paper crafts in Quick & Easy Paper Crafts are Collage, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Decoupage, Paper Folding, Quilling, and Surface Design. Quick & Easy Paper Crafts has just tons of wonderful ideas to motivate anyone to start learning how to make things from paper!