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I belong to a family of nerds, so we really enjoyed all the nerdy ideas in Knits for Nerds: 30 Projects: Science Fiction, Comic Books, Fantasy! It is written by Toni Carr and published by Andrews McMeel and is split in four sections of knitted suggestions to make any nerd very happy. The first section is “Fantasy” with fun ideas like Dragon Rider gloves and Hobbit Feet Slippers. The “Sci Fi” area has knitted ideas from Star Wars, Star Trek and more, and includes crafts like making your own Tribble, which the author decided to recreate herself when she couldn’t find a toy one on the market! Cute and fluffy!

In the “Comics and Manga” chapter, fans can find a cat woman hat or a tiny fascinator top hat, “accented with a veil and feathers”, made popular by the Death in the Sandman comic series. The final section has other nerdy stuff, for example, a knitted e-book reader bag, designed in Gryffindor colors. Or how about an “infinite loop” Mobius scarf for your mathlete friends? For those new to knitting, Knits for Nerds also has an index of the basic knitting techniques, along with photos to help you along!

About the Author:
Joan of Dark (a/k/a Toni Carr) is an avid lover of all things knit and crocheted. She has been featured on two DIY Network shows, Uncommon Threads and Knitty Gritty. She’s the author of the book Knockdown Knits (Wiley), and her patterns have been published on and in Vampire Knits (Potter Craft). Her sense of style was also profiled in Indianapolis Monthly, Nuvo, and Intake Weekly. With a science fiction writer for a mother, and a father who made sure that her comic book collection was always stocked, she had no choice but to grow up a geek!