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In Holiday Boutique Knitting the main thing that stood out to me is how the decorations are all so soft and fluffy! They look so nice to touch and they all have a really lovely element of warmth. While my knitting skills are fairly rudimentary, I really do enjoy it and recently my daughter asked me if I could help her learn to knit. Given my daughter’s age and lack of experience knitting, we decided to start out easy with the Pom Pom Wreath, which the author dubs the “most perfect first time knitting project” because of its simplicity. This wreath is covered in red and green pom poms and we are still in the midst of completing it, but I like how we can come back to it and relax and make a few pom poms whenever we like. I’m looking forward to it being on our front door this holiday season.

Other lovely projects are a felted wool vine and rose garland, which would be beautiful at Christmas in its red and green colors and a pure, white tree skirt is “reminiscent of trees blanketed with snow” and would have a gorgeous effect under a decorated Christmas tree. The adorable, huggable Mr. and Mrs. Snow are an ideal decoration for the front porch and simple, knitted “Balls of Wonder” immediately evoke feelings of the season when simply placed on branches, doorways or the dining room table. The author encourages the readers to not forget to embellish the ceiling, too, as it draws one’s attention dynamically upward. What would Christmas be without stockings? Holiday Boutique Knitting shows us how to make chunky, ribbed ones that look so warm and cozy. Towels, pillows, wreaths, several pieces of winter apparel, and even a set of knitted green trees are some of the other pretty creations!

The book also includes many interesting and informative design and decorating tips which the author has clearly thought through extensively and she has strong and clear reasons for each one. Although the directions are well written and detailed and there is a brief stitch glossary included in the back, Holiday Boutique Knitting does require basic knitting knowledge to create the projects. I have found many excellent tutorials on YouTube if you are new to knitting and would like to learn about the stitches and techniques for this rewarding craft.

About the Author Mary Jean Daigneault:

Passionately knitting and designing her own patterns for the past 40 years, Mary Jean Daigneault combined her skills as an Interior Designer (BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design) and seasoned knitter to inspire distinctive and innovative Christmas decor pieces, as well as irresistible holiday gift items. Combining her love of decorating, art background and knitting, she has created a collection of tasteful holiday decor and gifts, providing valuable holiday decorating tips along the way! MJ resides in Northern California with her husband Kevin and daughter Alana.