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There are so many pleasurable aspects to making nature prints and I enjoy all of the steps, from finding the perfect specimens to applying the paint, to pressing it on the paper and finally, to see the finished effects. It really helps me to see nature in a whole new light and appreciate the details I might otherwise not have noticed. The author of Hand Printing from Nature, Laura Bethmann, says, “When you apply ink or paint to a leaf, flower, or other natural objects and press it onto paper, or just about any other surface, the artistry of nature’s design is revealed.”

Hand Printing from Nature is an age-old technique that is very simple and yet produces stunning creations which highlight the beauty of nature. The book shares design tips and helpful information about patterns and layout for your projects. Where to find specimens for hand printing and what type of objects work the best are also included, as well as what type of supplies work well for printing, including ink pads, felt markers, and paints.

It’s lovely to see the delicate features of the natural objects being preserved on fabric, tote bags, pillows, chairs, terra cotta pots, note-cards and more. The flowers look especially lovely printed in their native colors. I loved the roses made from celery stalks painted on a kitchen curtain. And the beautiful green and cream painted maple leaves on a sage colored comfy chair were just gorgeous. And the delightful “Feather Bed” headboard with its intricate feathers would help me to drift off to sleep. Hand Printing from Nature makes you want to look closely and discover all of the intricate details of nature as you make these wonderful creations.

Author Biography:
Laura Bethmann is an artist, author and master gardener. She enjoys giving presentations and workshops, but most of the time she’s squirreled away at work in her southern New Jersey studio. Her third book, Hand Printing from Nature, is packed full of inspired ideas and projects for creating designs and home accessories direct from Nature herself.

Laura studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Pratt Graphics Center and Syracuse University. Her nature printing techniques have been featured on Home and Garden Television, Lifetime Television, the Discovery Channel and Good Housekeeping magazine. Laura’s watercolor paintings and nature prints reveal the intrinsic qualities of nature and can be seen in galleries and museums. Visit her at