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A few weeks ago, my kids were talking about wanting to make their own t-shirt designs, wishing it was easier to do online. When I told them that I knew how to make my own t-shirts, silkscreening designs in high school, they were stunned, LOL. After a week or so of questions, I decided maybe I could set something up for them to at least experiment with. Of course, now, I’ve forgotten much of what was involved. I wondered exactly where to purchase equipment and how best to do things nowadays. And that’s where this amazing book came in.

It breaks down the materials, techniques, and approaches that go well-beyond logos and symbols with one-use-only paper templates I made in my high school art classes. Each project here takes a different approach, new and old, using various materials (fabric, glass, lamps, etc.) as the final medium for each. To be clear, the book walks you through each one remarkably well. The clear explanations run alongside plentiful step-by-step photos. You could build a career on any one of them. Yet knowing them all allows for more creativity and ways to express the look and feel of just what you want.