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We are having a lot of fun with Pom-pom Pals: Pets! My pre-teen daughter is an avid crafter and she was so excited when she saw this set, with not just a book, but all of the items included to make the animals, she was all ready to go! She immediately started making the cute orange kitty and was done in about an hour. She followed the directions and had no problems at all with them.

The Pom-pom Pals: Pets kit also includes the materials to make a puppy, hamster and rabbit, plus a punch-out blue purse to carry the fluffy pets in. There are also instructions included for four additional adorable pets. I think this set would be a perfect birthday present for kids, I told my daughter she should open a store selling cute pom-pom pets because her first try turned out great!

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My daughter and I like to make pom-poms to decorate with, we’ve made wreath and garlands with them. So, making cute animals with the Pom-pom Pals: Farm kit was an easy direction to go. It’s a fun book set, with information about each type of animal in the book, plus photos for each step of the creating process.

My daughter finished the black and white sheep in just about an hour and it turned out so cute. They even have a little pop-out barn to assemble and use as a home for the furry farm animals. They have all the items needed to make a cow, pig and pony, too, plus instructions to make four additional animals. Very fun set, perfect for gift giving, too!

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