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My son and daughter both struggle with math. I think the problem is that it often can seem esoteric and unrelated to everyday living. This charming book shows how to use math to solve in-real-life problems, new and old. Due to the author’s cheerful, easy-to-read explanations, alongside clear diagrams, and delightful anecdotes, the book makes math much more engaging, fun, and worthwhile.

The series of brief chapters each explains a different dilemma, such as explaining how big outer space is (and why we aren’t likely to hear from any aliens anytime soon), how to save a wildlife preserve (and why human hair is the best way to do it), the power of Bruce Lee’s punches (ouch), and how many handshakes will follow 100 diplomats meeting together (and the pretty artwork that may be derived from that calculation).

If your kids struggle with math — like mine — and you’re struggling to figure out how to make it’s study seem worthwhile, here is the best, most engaging math tutor we could ever hope to find, right here in the pages of this (literally) marvelous book. Also, if you’re a math teacher, this is book is an absolute treasure trove of ways to engage your students.

This engaging and well-researched book offers tips, factoids, and stories of the “great game.” It primarily offers brief summaries of real-life espionage throughout history, from ancient times to the world wars, to the cold war, and beyond. The stories are intriguing and well-written. It’s fun to read, broken up into small chapters. Any writer of spy fiction would likely find this an invaluable resource. This would be a great gift for anyone who is a fan of James Bond, Ethan Hunt, and Jason Bourne.