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This book is a masterwork in contemporary floral design, culminating a career at the forefront of innovation in the industry. The goal seems to be to blaze a trail using new and/or re-considered techniques to present striking floral displays which are often more a sculptural assemblage than a traditional bouquet centerpiece. Many pieces rely upon woven wire and branches to create a scaffold upon with flowers and greenery are displayed in non-traditional ways.

The book, which is beautifully printed, on very high-quality paper and binding, is laid out in a dynamic style, using lovely typography. Every so often, a project includes the project’s handwritten designs and notes, printed on onion skin paper, which overlays on the two-page spread photos, with the result becoming more than the sum of the parts.

The arrangements are remarkable. For instance, the “Unapologetic” uses white orchids and greenery in an arch shape, suspended above a circular vase, and similarly, the “Aesthetic Form” arrangement (my personal favorite) uses a similar arching shape, yet its baby’s breath and white orchids are supported by a surprisingly practical wire and branch overlay. The “Listen to Living” display uses pink orchids within a wooden arrangement, using reeds and bark arranged loosely like an organ’s pipes. “Pam” offers a more traditional display, yet relies on a woven sphere of branches as its support for the stunning flowers woven through it.

The goal, which the author succeeds at phenomenally well, is to inspire florists to look beyond traditional designs. Some of the works, all of which are lavishly photographed and very well described, are less successful than others, which I personally find so inspiring, reminding us all that there the only true failure is to not try at all, and that there are new frontiers waiting to be explored for those bold enough to try. This wondrous and inspiring(!) book is innovative in its own ways — reflecting the innovations revealed on every page.