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I’m a big fan of the famous Peanuts characters, plus, I love making and collecting different origami artworks. The book is beautiful, in full color, with a very helpful introductory section with a few fundamental folds and shapes, that are referred to several times in the individual projects, including “inflated” shapes for creating figurines. There are 20 projects, most featuring one of the major characters in the beloved series. Each project includes a full color version with an iconic comic strip for each character, then a description of their character and motivation, followed by a step-by-step chart with illustrations and descriptions of each step. Each project is rated by difficulty, and range from just a few folds to 20+ steps. I was excited to see that the book includes the folding papers, with each having a printed design to portray each character. It’s all super fun and a great way to celebrate my love for good ol’ Charlie Brown and all his Peanuts friends!