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I’m a huge fan of paper flowers, it’s been an obsession of mine for decades now. When I saw Paper to Petal, my mouth literally dropped open, it is just amazing. My daughter saw it and immediately claimed it for her own, and started making plans to cover her entire bedroom ceiling with paper flowers. The projects, photography and layout of the book are all just gorgeous!

In the book, all of the floral projects are presented beautifully at the start. Next is the skills section, where every aspect of paper flower making is explained, then it switches over to showing complete instructions for each project, including photos of each step.

It’s hard to believe that the stunning creations in Paper to Petal start with easy to find crepe paper and tissue paper. One of my (many) favorite things in Paper to Petal is the Smiley Mobile. Lovely paper flowers in shades of pink each with a wooden bead with a smiley face in the center hang from a foliage covered hoop. I think it would be such an adorable addition to a baby’s room!

If you are interested in paper flowers or crafting in general, I highly recommend Paper to Petal!