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Although I’m just a beginner at the cutting and folding techniques of origami and kirigami, I have enjoyed using these techniques for many years. Since Paper Pups comes with the templates and easy instructions I thought it would be fun to try to create some cute little doggies. The projects are ranked by level of difficulty and even though the Chihuahua was at the intermediate level, that’s the one I had to try because I have two real ones!

It was pretty easy to follow, even for me, and I first copied the template onto cardstock and then cut it out and followed the folding instructions. In order to color it with similar markings to my own dogs, I used acrylic paints. They say any medium will be fine other than oil based paints.

I thought it turned out pretty cute and I even copied the template at a smaller size to make a puppy, too! There’s 35 dogs in Paper Pups, so you should be able to find one you like, too!