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Paper Jewelry is filled with creative and fun ways to repurpose all kinds of materials. Some of them took me back to my time spent at Summer camp, like the magazine bead necklace and there’s so many ideas for recycling things I wouldn’t have thought of into jewelry, including things like candy wrappers, playing cards, and newspaper.

One idea that really stood out to me was the napkin bracelet, they mention it is more like a toy, so I thought it would be fun to make with my daughter. I had some pink and white striped napkins on hand and all it took to make the bracelets was just the napkins dipped in water. We then left them to dry in the sun, and they got dry and crispy, but worked great for dress up for my daughter. Very simple and easy craft for kids!

I think Paper Jewelry is an excellent resource for recycling items that I would have otherwise thrown out. Lots of fantastic ideas and I love the creative jewelry.