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Stippling is an important aspect of drawing but my art classes in school didn’t have enough time for me to actually become expert at it. His book seems to be the ultimate guide to catch up and bring my illustrations to the next level. Yet this book is readily accessible for people at any artistic level. The book covers materials and techniques, ornament, lettering, nature, tattoo, and illustration. It’s an excellent guide to learning what to do (and what not to do).

The book is well written, with tons of black-and-white illustrations of each step. It’s a great help to raise a person’s talent to the professional level, and adding a new tool to their arsenal. The book includes layouts to practice the activities in, so it’s both a guidebook and an activity book. For me, the section on tattoo art was eye-opening and a real help.

I’ve noticed how beautiful papercraft artworks can be. I see them for sale and have bought a few for my own home. Visually, they’re fresh, artistic, and appealing. I suppose they could be created as a hobby or for profit. The book may be the ultimate guide to papercutting artworks. There are several different kinds of crafts inside, including those which rely on layers, lighting and shadow effects, 3-D sculptures, kirigami folding, and more.

The book includes templates and clear step-by-step instructions. The plentiful photography of each craft is so beautiful, it makes the book nearly as much a coffee table book as a crafting guide. There are 26 different crafting projects in a variety of styles. The main sections are Working with a Base Sheet, Tessellations and 2-D Weaving, Assembling 3-D Forms, and Display, where each of the techniques, including properties of material, their position, transparency, and interaction with lighting, extending them in lightboxes or as friezes.

My daughter has become quite good at paper quilling. She loves it yet wanted to raise her skills to see if she could create artworks professionally — or at least make a little here and there. She hopes to offer some works for sale on Etsy or elsewhere online. Well, with this book, she hit the jackpot. The book is hard bound, printed on quality paper, with lovely photos of colorful paper craft creations. The artworks are beautiful!

In each, the separate papers — using folded, braided, and quilled paper techniques — are assembled into beautiful and colorful lettering, still lifes, and portraits. The book is a lot like a coffee table book with the plentiful photography of the dozens of finished works, as well as the various steps in the creations along the way, are so striking and lovely. For me, the exercise of adding colorful details to a set of numbers was both fun, enlightening, and insightful. I think that this is an amazing book for paper crafters and professionals alike.