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I’ve been a fan of mandalas for many years and I’m really enjoying this Mandalas coloring book. I haven’t ever taken the time to learn how to draw them, but I love the chance to get in there and color them. Since this book is geared to artists, some of the patterns can be quite small, but what I did was just treat the extra small areas as a group and color them the same color, rather than each individual piece.

At the start of Mandalas, there is a brief history of mandalas, plus an example of each one colored in. I tend to use brighter, more vivid colors than the examples and I like to use colored pencils, but I’ve also played around with watercolors, too. Love the gorgeous patterns and designs!

I’m perfectly comfortable with the idea of grown ups being able to color to, not just kids! In this Paisleys coloring book, they offer a fun history of the paisley design and then show examples of the designs in the book in color for inspiration. I enjoy coloring in it while I watch television or before bed at night.

I find the patterns to be soothing and it’s always really relaxing for me to color in it. There are also color bars in the back to help prepare a palette before moving forward. I also like that each page has the design just on one side and they are all perforated for easy removal. I love to give these books as gifts with a pack of colored pencils or gel pens.