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Several of my children are thrilled with Bob Ross lately. I think originally it was an ASMR – relaxation kind of thing, but now they want to try out painting like he does. Which is great, we’re happy to encourage them developing their talents (especially with less expensive paints available online nowadays). But they quickly learned that going from a video program back to real life is pretty difficult. There are questions that they need answering, and the constant pausing and rewinding was getting frustrating.

So I was glad to get this this book, which breaks down each step, with clear photos and instructions. My young artists found the answers they were looking for and their paintings are actually quite good. My teenage daughter and her friends even held a “Let’s Paint Like Bob Ross” party and their paintings turned out remarkably good! The book itself is well designed, with high quality paper, and clear text and images to help anyone work through 15 paintings, along with brief instructions on how to paint the basics, including those “happy trees.” It’s a really great book for anyone interested in learning to paint like Bob Ross.