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This is a unique coloring experience, printed on thick paper intended for watercolors. The patterns on each page run through a range of modern and ancient designs, each rooted in a standard design, yet rendered with an interpretive twist on each. They’re quite lovely. Each large page tears out without difficulty and is printed on both sides — one for practice, and one for keeps (if you like). The lines are what is really unique about the book, however.

As you paint, the lines — which are a special gray ink — disappear in the water! Well, I should say that SOME of the lines will disappear, depending on how much water and brush-work is used. So what I end up with is broader washes of color, with subtle, detailed patterns arising from the color, while gradually fading elsewhere. The overall effect is very lovely. I should note that several of the patterns are too detailed for my brushes (and heavy water use) to specifically color in the details. Regardless, it is a beautiful coloring experience, with results that are truly ready to frame.