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This is actually more than a book, as it includes numerous folding papers, with lovely patterns overall. It offers engaging designs for origami and seems unique to me in that it focuses on plants of all types, rather than animals, as one expects in an origami set. Sections include some basics, and chapters on seeds and plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and 4 little garden animals for good measure. Many of the plants are pleated to give them structural strength for displays. Quite a clever and fun book for origami lovers, new and old.

My favorite part of school was when we’d get to do arts & crafts, yet specifically when we got to emulate famous artists with our projects. I didn’t quite make it as a famous artists, but I can still aspire to while making beautiful arts and crafts of my own today. Each of the 20 projects in Drawing Calm involves simple yet evocative drawing, painting, and collage paper crafts. They are inspired by the leading, and most beloved, modern artists from around 100 years ago — from impressionism, through art nouveau and into the then-budding Modern Art period. The book offers lovely examples of their art works. I love how the projects combine various media, like collages of painted paper cut-outs, similar to Matisse’ later works. I find the book beautiful and inspiring, and a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing way to create and emulate the modern masters.

Cut and Create Paper Mosaics shows how to make paper mosaics, similar to those ultra-popular creations by artists which range from Henri Matisse’ later works to Eric Carle’s children’s books. It is a great venue for artistic expression which is both quick and easy to do, yet beautiful to behold once complete. The set includes a clear explanatory book, along with templates and “painted” patterned paper to cut out and assemble yourself. There is a paint-by-numbers aspect which helps prevent mistakes without cramping anyone’s artistic styles. The projects include patterns of various objects, with implied modernist/folk perspective, with a lovely variety of palettes, color ranges, patterns, and approaches. Really fun to do, too!

My daughters love to collect the pretty rocks they find here and there. Now, with Art on the Rocks, they can enjoy them even more, by using them as the least expensive “canvases” ever! The patterns offered by the book include modern patterns, similar to what you might find in a great adult coloring book, with middle eastern, indian, african, and oceania influences. They are lovely and inspiring, and now my daughters are creating their own patterns using various elements shown in the book, which is easy to follow with clear step by step instructions. I could easily see someone selling these as street fairs, and I am so happy see my daughters so happily creating with the help of this wonderful book!