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This is a great gift for anyone interested in learning how to create little folded papercraft boxes. There are several pages of general instructions, too, which help to understand the consistent and well-designed folding instructions later. There are eight tutorials, which are explained well, with numerous how-to diagrams, plentiful photos, and clear incisive text directions.

The eight styles of boxes include: Tray for treats, Wedding favor, Flat box, Arlington box, Ancient Japanese box, a square box with an attached lid, a “Fortune Purse,” and Arianna’s box. Each is explained through helpful photos and diagrams on the first 50 pages or so, and then there are 200 origami sheets included in the book. They are available in many colorful designs, in a range of styles, from modern to traditional.

I had some difficulty simply tearing out the pages, so I switched to using a crafting knife/razor blade thing to cut several pages out at once. Easy. I love how these precious little boxes make small gifts, like a little toy or money, into a present for my children.