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My kids and I have really enjoyed creating with Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack. The kit includes a 32-page booklet which shows how to fold 10 different kinds of paper boxes. Most are very simple to do, yet quite clever in how firmly they stay together. Plus they’re really cute. Inside the cover is hundreds of origami papers which offer a wide range of pretty geometric patterns and so forth, with a matching plain color on the other side.

I’ve had fun making a few boxes to keep little things in, including a little box and matching lid for my husband who keeps upbeat fortunes from fortune cookies. It was a simple thing, but he seems to really love it, and pulls out a fortune when he needs a pick-me-up. My daughters love making these cute little boxes, and are expanding to using different papers they have at hand, and have made paper boxes for all their friends. Perfect for keeping cute little erasers in your desk, they say. Whether they’re experienced with origami or not, this would make a great gift.