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If you’d like to elevate your drawing without enrolling in a demanding course, this may be your solution. It offers a weekly project that won’t take too much time, while gradually integrating a variety of styles, approaches, and subject matter into your personal talent pool. The book’s forgiving focus is more on effort than perfection. In just a few weeks’ practice, my skills are already elevating and broadening.

Some of us want to draw everything. But when we boil things down, we find that actually, we just want to draw dogs. Our dogs, our friends’ dogs, dog breeds we wished we could own, just dogs. My child is one of them and she is delighted with this simple approach to drawing a wide variety of breeds and poses. I especially love how it uses teaches how to actually use the simple geometric approach to build a drawing in layers, based on simple shapes. The step-by-step approach is very simple to grasp here. I’m surprised how easily she’s picked it up! It’ll help her throughout her artistic life, even when her interests widen beyond dogs she wishes we had room for!

Learning to draw with simple shapes can be hard to learn, especially at first. So I was delighted to gift this to my daughter, who loves cats, and is learning quickly with such an engaging subject — various breeds and many sinuous poses of cats. I wondered if my daughter, whose a beginning artist — but a world-class expert on watching online cat videos — would enjoy this approach to drawing realistic cats, quickly and simply. She loves it and is learning fast. The book is well-written with many, many illustrations showing their easy-to-learn, step-by-step approach.