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For those of us who really enjoy working with our hands, it can sometimes be difficult to explain why we find creating things so fulfilling. So, I really appreciate this lovely little book. The author understands, deeply, where people like us are coming from. And it helps me to articulate why I feel so good about “making,” experimenting to build this and that, and simply working quietly on these lovely crafts that beautify my home — and life.

There’s a chapter on helping to overcome — or at least work within — perfectionism, which is a help for me. I also really like the final chapter, called Contentment & Meaning, which voices many of the feelings I’ve had for many years, yet have difficulty articulating. I’ve wondered if I’m alone in that (apparently not!). This is such wonderful book that is itself beautifully well-made. There are colored illustrations throughout alongside an elegantly simple layout. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who works with their hands as a hobby, or professionally. I’m really grateful for this lovely book — filled with lovely thoughts for people like me and you.

My daughters love to craft — or maybe it’s more, they love to try new crafts. Which is fine but some crafts are kind of expensive. I’ve noticed they love to do papercrafts, like origami, which don’t cost much at all. So I thought they might like to try Kirigami, which is basically origami but with cutting the paper, too, either with scissors or a utility knife. For example, simple American examples are paper snowflakes, a paper doll chain, or in some high-end greeting cards you see these days.

So I was wondered how much they might like this book, figuring at least we wouldn’t be out much money, regardless? Instead, wow, they were thrilled once they saw how lovely their creations turned out! These high-end projects are all so dramatic and lovely! They are really enjoying it, so much! The book is really well made. It offers deluxe printing on quality paper, in full color, showcasing lots of helpful photos and diagrams. The layout and writing are top-notch, too. There are several pages of tips to help get you started, with accurate and safe cutting, which is important since it uses utility knives for the detailed designs (accordingly, this is not for young children).

I think that you would definitely need a cutting mat for this. Some of the 24 projects offer Japanese designs, such as the elegant Japanese Crane project, whose wings lift delicately from the “background” page. There are others, too, like the pineapple which my daughter cut out adding a patterned papber as background. They’re going beyond the book and are creating their own designs now, too.

This fun book is printed on high quality paper, in full color, and with a cute layout which includes lots of photos showing every step. It’s written in a friendly and engaging style that ‘s easy to follow. It’s a super well-made book that teaches kids and adults how to knit just using your fingers.

There are 15 projects, with a helpful explanatory beginning that teaches everything they needed to know. There were 4 introductory projects that walk them through the basics and the variations that go with each. The projects are not too big for them to actually complete. Plus the results are just darling. One daughter wears her bracelet she made all the time, and the other is just delighted with her little purse. It’s something fun they can do while chatting or watching a movie or whatever. They feel so proud of themselves. I hope they always remember how to do these fun crafts.

This is a beautiful coloring book with a paint-by-numbers system that explains which color to use (from 24 colors altogether). Because of the fine detail, it’s really only for colored pencils, well sharpened, and some of the numbers and details are fine enough that if you have trouble reading small text, you might want to try something else.

Aside from that, wow, this book is really an accomplishment in design. The paper is very high quality and the illustrations are all a Christmas delight. Super fun to do, relaxing, and really puts you in the mood for the holidays! The completed pages are beautiful enough to frame for Christmas. This would make a perfect pre-Christmas gift for any adept colorist. Happy holidays!

This is a delightful book with all kinds of animals, ready for any moderate to accomplished crocheter. Each critter is rendered in a tsum tsum style, just a bit larger, and would make a nice decoration, toy, or child’s pillow-y friend. There are about 13 pages of instructions, well-written and pretty straightforward, and about 100 pages of instructions, photos, and diagrams, which are really helpful for assembling the different animal parts.

I love the full color printing, clever layout, and the high quality of the book itself. The different animal projects include: pig, duck, sheep, pony, cow, hippo, Panda, lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, Fox, Beaver, owl, bear, whale, shark, unicorn, dragon, bumblebee, Love bug, butterfly, bunny, mouse, cat, and dog. Each is distinctive and darling in its own way. A delightful book!

When I was little, I imagined that someday I’d make elaborate gingerbread houses each Christmas. Now that I’m older, I find I have little time while helping make Christmas special for everyone else. Plus, my gingerbread housing developments haven’t always passed inspection, LOL. But I’d still like to get some holiday crafting in, and make something special for everyone to see when they come over.

So that’s why I have been so delighted with this 3-D paper cut-out model of Santa’s Workshop. The house has many parts and levels, all of which need to be cut out and carefully attached to one another. It isn’t really a project for young children, but they sure love to see it. The workshop is printed with cute illustrations, inside and out, so it’s like a fun little doll house to look inside and enjoy — especially while imagining all those elves making presents for Christmas Day!