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This is a really clever origami guide to making different kinds of flowers. Each design is so lovely! They look surprisingly realistic and so ornate in their details, with their organic, overlapping petals. The book is well-written with concise descriptions, nice photos, and clear illustrations, which are helpful, The book is targetting more advanced origamists, though the very clear instructions will help anyone interested to find success.

The designs are groups by whether you use square- or pentagon-shaped origami paper. The first part of the book is a lovely full-page photo gallery of each design. The second part of the book offers the actual instructions. They are rated by level of difficulty which is really nice. The flowers range from different kinds of roses and rosebuds to cherry blossoms, frangipani, bougainvillea, and more. If you want to learn to make floral origami, this is a must-have guide.