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In high school, I studied ceramics for a couple years, and with our semi-famous pottery teacher, I actually got pretty good at it. That was long ago, and now, of course, I don’t know of any high schools with ceramics classes. But recently, one of my daughters and I have been enjoying “Antiques Roadshow” where our favorites are the pottery that all seems to have skyrocketed in value in just a few years. So when she noticed a small potter’s wheel for sale at a local thrift store, she called me in a panic to run down and grab it.

But when it came down to explaining to her what I’d learned so long ago, I was at a loss. That’s why I’m so grateful for Mastering the Potter’s Wheel. The author, Ben Carter, an accomplished ceramicist, teaches everything my teacher did (and more) and is a beautiful book in itself. We found a nearby potter who is willing to let us add some of our work to her kiln, and we’re in business! Even if our pots won’t ever be worth the thousands they are on Antiques Roadshow, we’re sure having a lot of fun! Thank you, Ben!!