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True Story: Before I left for a job overseas, a friend of mine told me he was thinking of making hats to sell at a boutique in Hollywood. I thought it a little odd, but it seemed harmless, so I encouraged him and left. When I returned, I found his hats had become the toast of (certain segments) of Hollywood, for real, and when I went by the boutique and mentioned him to the proprietor, she asked me to urge him to work faster since she sold out in days with every batch he made, really, at any price. Wow! Who knew?

Well, apparently, the author of this insightful book knows, because she offers instructions for beginners and more experienced hat-makers to help elevate their skills and abilities to produce a wide range of professional-quality hats. The book is very well written, quite clear, and extremely helpful as it runs through 50 pages or so of introductions, tools and tips to help anyone get started. There are a dozen projects, using a variety of materials and styles, from wool, to straw, to fabrics, and more.

The cowboy hat project has me (and DH) really excited and I can’t hardly believe how professional the final hat looks. I think that, while the book is great for beginners, some sewing experience, including by hand, seems necessary to really excel. I think this is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to get into millinery — at fashionable Hollywood boutiques or just for yourself and your family.

If you want to learn how to make a dog in origami, I think there are a variety of sources to learn from. But if you want to learn how to make 20 different styles, breeds, or more, this is a great book to get. The book is laid out very well, printed on high quality paper, in full color, and is almost 150 pages long. Each dog has multiple color photos, from several angles, with careful step by step instructions — with an accompanying diagram — to help anyone, from beginners to experts, create each one. My family and I have learned a lot about origami from these cute and helpful projects.

I remember, when I was young, that women I knew were creating all sorts of macrame projects. My mother explained that it was a way to make things, similar to crocheting or knitting, but only using your hands. And yet, all the macrame I remember seeing were things like plant hangers or giant owl wall art. I didn’t realize that those same skills could be using on a much smaller scale to make all sorts of small fiber crafts — including jewelry! What could be more fun?!
The book is well written with clear and engaging, step-by-step instructions.

The plentiful color, close-up photos, as part of a beautiful and colorful design, are super helpful. There are about 20 pages of helpful introductions, tools, and tips. There are about a dozen of specific projects, each of which incorporates new knots and designs which may be used in all kinds of projects in the future. My daughters and I have been enjoying ourselves making all sorts of fun, inexpensive, yet lovely and on-trend designs with the help of this fantastic and fun book!