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These felted figurines are so darling — super cute yet so realistic, all at once. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the proportions right, but this book has been a big help. The book is paperback, large, and really high quality, with lavish photos throughout. There are 35 pages of “portraits” of many of the 60 figurines in the book with another 50 pages of clear instructions, including step-by-step photos. The general approach is to start with general shapes and then add the specifics and bring them together.

The chapters revolve around specific uses for them: complete animals, both awake and asleep, pen covers, little flower pot covers (with animals), 2-d portraits, animal faces as brooches, animal faces as little round magnet covers, and — my favorite — the trays which feature sea mammals popping their heads up out of the ocean. So fun! I use two of them for my jewelry now. But honestly, all of these are so darling, I can hardly stand it. Such a beautiful book!