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This is quite an amazing papercrafts book which offers both beautiful designs and a surprisingly original concept, all included in a masterfully designed book! The book itself is beautiful, matching the designs of the projects themselves. I should note that the book doesn’t just describe the projects — it includes the actual colored pieces which are used in the dioramas. So you literally cut out the pages in the back of the book and use utility knives and fine scissors, along with other tools described within, to create these beautiful 3D dioramas.

There are 12 projects included here: In the Forest, Grand Canyon, Pick the Stars, Butterflies in Flight, Fête!, Ship Ahoy, Colorful Corals, In the Jungle, Jingle Bells, and Terrarium. I suppose you could scan some of these for your children to do them too, after printing them out on cardstock. My kids are just thrilled with these beautiful projects. These can be arranged in lots of different ways, opening up doors to papercrafting, in ways both my children and I are really excited about. The steps are somewhat self-explanatory with the actual directions, which are quite brief, mostly including tips and suggestions of how to best assemble the designs.